dakotakoti the barbie doll

\\ ASSALAMUALAIKUM // korang comel kan dia,, ^^, inilah dikatakan kejadian tuhan,ini dia nie bukan patung tau . .dia manusia biasa macam kita jugak,sue dah banyak kali tengok video dia,suka tengok sebab comel sangat . .

It seems that looking like a Barbie Doll is becoming a huge trend among teenage girls and a lot of that is down to the teenager Dakota Ostrenga. Dakota, who goes by the name of Dakota Koti or Dakota Rose, has all of the attributes of a real life Barbie Doll and has given other’s advice on how to get the look.
Dakota has uploaded 10 videos to her YouTube channel, which is called Kota Koti, in the last four months and the videos have attracted over 13 million views. Her looks are perfect to resemble that of a Barbie Doll and her videos show people how to get the doll look.

Dakota rarely ever speaks in her videos but instead chooses to have subtitles talking viewers through what she is doing, as she does her hair, applies her makeup and dresses fashionably. The youngster reveals a variety of different hairstyles including cat ears and baby doll.

Dakota Ostrenga has become huge around the globe but seems to be particularly popular in China, Korea and Japan. The age Dakota is unclear but it is claimed that she is between 16 and 18 years old and hails from Orlando, Florida.

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